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Post  Undulf on Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:39 pm

Here are a few areas that I have found to be good hide farming:

Light Hides: East of Staddle in the wolves den.
Medium Hides: Just north of Adsos camp west of Bree. The bear caves there are a great location for these hides and the respawn rate is great.
Sturdy Hides: North Downs, Estledin go out of east side and then turn south, you will find Hoar Mantles there that drop 1-3 hides each.
Prestine Hides: Trollshaws, there is a small wolves den south of Thorenhad across the main road, this is an ok place if someone has better please post. Update there is a Bear Den just below Thorenhad the mobs respawn at a fairly good rate Another are is in Everswim (evendim) bear camp east of Ost Forod Nan Orngon 7.1S 61.8W
Exceptional Hides: East Angmar there is a ton of caveclaws and wargs that drop and respawn very quick. by Maethad and NE Misty Mountains there is a large population of Wargs close to eachother that drop and respawn very rapidly.
Extraordinary Hides: Lothlorien, in the area of 15.3S 65.2W kill the Golden Tailed Bucks/Does and Bull Moose for these drops. BEWARE of the young animals as they will reduce your rep.
Magnificent Hides: These are my favorite to farm. In Moria go to Dolven View then travel to the library just down the road. in there you will find a great number of Deep-Claws and occasionally Rock Tooth appears (a Rare Elite)
Large Hides: throughout Dunland, the goats drop 2 hides each but this is one area that it is not hard to farm hides.

There are a few areas and i will be updating this post with map locations and more information. Please add posts for other areas or comments on the ones that i posted here. [b]

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