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Post  Undulf on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:13 pm

So many people have ran out of quests before reaching Kindred with Theodred's Riders and have had to use the Task Board to get rep. Here is a way to get multiple items in what I feel is a decent rate and solo if needed. I am writing this from a lvl 75's list of task items so if there are others please reply to this post and inform others.

Here are the Items you can turn in at 75
Speckled Ears x 4
Marked Furs x 15
Decorative Sword Sheaths x 8
Punctured Shields x 15
Blotchy Skins x 8

Travel to Forthbrond, this is where you have to turn them in so it is easier to base out of here.
Look on your map and in the center of the Purple ring is where we are going to farm. Dol Baran, there is a Rohirim outpost there
Head up to the area and when you get there (you should have already been there from earlier quests) you will see barricades ensure that the Soldiers are there if there are Dundelings there kill them so that Soldiers can respawn to help you.

So lets cover looting before we discuss tactics:
The Dundelings that run to the barricades you can kill them but not loot, you will still get exp/item exp though
If a Soldier hits the Dundelings that you pull 1st, then you can not loot
The Hounds, if Soldiers hit them 1st, then you pull the aggro then you can loot when defeated

Ok here is a way that i found works for me:
After you have the barricades lined with Soldiers then run out and aggro a few Dundelings/Hounds STOP before you reach the barricades and do an AOE so that you now own the mobs.
Then bring them to the line of Soldiers to aid in defeating and loot
Sometimes you will see the line getting hit heavy with dundeling runners, at this time it is best to help them so that you can continue to use the Soldiers.
Rinse and Repeat this until you have the desired amount of items then Head to Forthbrond and turn them in.

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