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Post  Roywyn on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:47 pm

Hi Kin:
These are the recipes that I stocked up and need to redistribute to kin members. If you need any of these, just send Roywyn a mail or tell in game and I can mail it to you. If you see several, we can arrange a trade. These are sorted by Craft and Level. I will do my best to update this often, so as to keep it current. elephant

Premium Drum Recipe
Westfold Bane of the Spear Carving
Premium Horn Recipe
Carved Club Recipe (x2)
Westfold Blazoned Crest Recipe
Westfold Dagor Infused Parchment recipe
Steadfast Protector of the Spear carving recipe (single use)
Flashing Bane of the Spear Recipe (single use)
Ilex Great Club Recipe
Iron Will of the Spear Carving Recipe (single use)
Mallorn Staff Recipe

Superior Lute Recipe (x2)
Smooth Lebethron Hammer Recipe
Carved Lebethron Crossbow Recipe (single use)(x2)
Carved Lebethron Staff Recipe
Soothing hymn Barad-Dur Recipe

Crafted Lute Recipe


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