How to setup Ventrilo

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How to setup Ventrilo Empty How to setup Ventrilo

Post  Daeranoth on Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:07 pm

Ventrilo is a great way to chat with all members of the Kin without being in a group in-game.

The Ventrilo client is a free download. Just click on the link below, select the client for your operating system, then download.

To configure Ventrilo, the server and port usage will need to be setup. Use the following:

User: Please user your in-game name from your main character
Port: 4658
Password: Ask an officer in-game.

Now this requires a mic at the very least in order to chat. At best, a headset works well. Logitech makes a pair of headphones for the computer that sell for about $20 and they work very well. I found my set at a local office supply store but I am sure they can be found almost anywhere.

Come join us in the fun we have on Vent.

Download Ventrilo for Free

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