Membership requirements for the Guardians of Fangorn

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Membership requirements for the Guardians of Fangorn

Post  Daeranoth on Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:18 am

Real quick and simple.

On the Kin's website there is a charter which we abide by. The reason we run the Kin by the charter is because there have been situations in the past that harmed the Kin. The charter was adopted to hopefuly answer any situation that may come up.

Membership in the Kin is simple. Be above level 20, in the Kin for over 14 days. Prove to an officer that you read the charter.

Simple, easy, done and receive your blue flag and the right to wear the Kin uniform (not required to wear it if you don't want to).

Also, please place a note on your characters denoting if they are you "main" or an "alt of "main"". The reason for this is that every so often we go throught he Kin roster and purge those members that have not been on with in the last 30 days. Since we do not want to remove your main character or any of your alts by mistake, please note your characters.

Any questions, ask an officer in-game.


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