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Guide for Damage Types Empty Guide for Damage Types

Post  Folstag on Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:45 am

A lot of people wonder what type of damage is best against certain types of monsters. So, I thought it would be a great idea to post a guide pertaining to just that. Read and be learned! Wink

Damage Type
Effective Against
Ancient DwarfDragon-kind (Drakes, Worms, Salamanders,etc.), Cave-claws
Beleriand Half-orcs, Spiders, Insects, Neekers, Crawlers, Ancient Evil, Morroval, Nameless, Gaunts
FireCreatures of Nature, Beasts, Slugs, Snowbeasts, most Wolves, Darkwater, Trolls
LightGoblins, Orcs, Trolls, Spiders
WestenesseThe Dead & Unseen, Gaunts, Wights, Darkwater, Decayed
CriesOrcs, Goblins, Uruks

This here is a chart of what some creatures are weak against, but also what they resist. This can be helpful so you don't end up fighting something and dealing very little damage, while wondering "Why?". I have even colored-coded everything so it will be easier to see the different damage-types to each creature.

Blue: Beleriand
Red: Fire
Green: Cries
Brown: Common
Violet: Light
Cyan: Song
Olive: Westernesse
Orange: Physical
Indigo: Tactical
Black: Ancient Dwarf

Creature Type
Ancient Evil Beleriand Common
Beasts Fire Cries
Cave-Claws Ancient Dwarf Cries
CrawlersBeleriand Common
Creatures of Nature Fire None
DarkwaterFire, Song, Westernesse Common, Physical
Decayed Song, Westernesse Common, Physical
Dragon-kindAncient Dwarf Song
GauntsBeleriand, Westernesse Common
Giant-kind Tactical None
Goblins Cries, Light None
Gorthorog Trolls None Fire, Light
Half-Orcs Beleriand None
Insects Beleriand None
Men None None
Morroval Beleriand Common, Tactical
Nameless Beleriand Common, Tactical
Neekers Beleriand Common
Orcs Cries, Light None
Slugs Fire Cries
Snowbeasts Fire Cries
Spiders Beleriand, Light None
The Dead & Unseen Westernesse Common, Physical
Trees Fire Common
Troll-kind Fire, Light Common
Uruks Cries None
Wights Westernesse Physical
Wolves Fire Cries

Hope this chart helps everyone! Very Happy


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