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Carn Dum


Carn Dum is a level 50 6-man instance in Angmar. There are a number of quests for this instance, but the main reason one would run it is to get
the various items for the level 45 class quests, items which drop from the bosses in this instance. This instance is both very long (a full run
being anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on the group) and extremely difficult for an on-level fellowship, difficulty which is lessened a
good amount by being over-leveled and well-equipped. A well-balanced fellowship full of 65s with great gear would find this to be a pretty
easy affair, but it would still be a long run, what with the sheer amount of enemies to kill and the distance covered.

However, with the addition of the skirmish system, you can now get all the quest items for those level 45 class quests from the Curiosities
vendor at any skirmish camp. So if you don't want to bother finding a group of people to run this instance, feel free to ignore this guide. If
you want to complete the quests and deeds found inside the instance anyway for completion's sake, or if you find the prices in skirmish
marks for these quest items to be far too much, then this guide will tell you how to kill every last boss and lesser mob in the instance.

To get to the Carn Dum instance from Tarmunn Sursa (a camp complete with summoning horn, vendors, a milestone, and most of the quest-giving
NPCs), a village inside of the city of Carn Dum (not the instance), follow this map:

Carn Dum how to guide Tarmunnsursatouruandcd

At the end of the blue arrow is another summoning horn and a campfire, just outside the instance.

Quests & Items

Aside from the level 45 class quests, there are a number of other quests found inside this instance that you may want to complete along the way.
When researching this guide, I found some sources that actually listed all the prerequisites for these quests in parentheses, so I'll be
listing those as well. Also, keep in mind that you're generally supposed to go and complete Urugarth first (a few pre-reqs for Carn Dum are
completed in Urugarth). Anyway, here are the names of the quests:

- Heart of the Waters (Foul Waters, Further Upstream, Discovering the Source)

- Lifting the Yoke

- The Strongest Back (Lifting the Yoke)

- Lord of the Gertheryg (Into the Arena, Champion of the Arena, Master of the Arena, The Northern Cousin, Moving Mountains)

- Queen of the Host (The Winged Host)

And here is a list of the items for the level 45 class quests that appear in this instance, along with the classes that need them:

- Medallion of Passage: Hunter, Captain

- Corrosive Droplets: Minstrel

- Crimson Gorthorog Horn: Guardian

- Rune of Evil Presence: Loremaster

- Putrid Slime of Helchgam: Loremaster, Hunter, Captain

- Cruel Talon of Azgoth: Burglar

- Ashen Gorthorog Horn: Minstrel

- Rune of Winged Dominance: Minstrel, Hunter


This walk-through is intended to describe how to run the entire instance in excruciating, painful, tear-inducing detail. If you already know how
each boss fight generally works, just download the map I've provided. It clearly shows where to go, where all the important objects and boss
fights are, where the two keys drop, and even where the class items drop, so it's a handy quick reference to keep at your side as you run
around killing the bad guys.

Carn Dum how to guide Carndummap

1) So, you've made it to Carn Dum, and are ready to begin your first run of the instance. I hope you brought along basic supplies like food and
water, because you'll be running around in here until all good things die out and you witness the breaking of the world. Well, not that long,
but everyone enjoys a good bit of hyperbole every now and then, don't they? The immediate area around the entrance is free of patrolling mobs,
so now is the time to set fellowship maneuvers, teach the newbs in your group everything you've learned from this wonderful, fantastic guide.
Whether you've got a PUG or kin group, you should find out exactly what everyone needs in terms of class item drops and quests, and then plan
your route through the instance accordingly.

Also, before you begin, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

- The green water you'll come across in various parts of this instance (the sewers, Helchgam's Lair, and all along the slave area and bridge
network leading to Barashal), affectionately referred to by players using such colorful nicknames as "Mountain Dew," "TMNT goop" and "oh
god, why did they put that toxic sludge everywhere," is actually an instant kill if you step into it accidentally. Because there are gaps in
the sheet metal walkways the orcs have constructed, you should watch your step anytime you're anywhere near this water.

- When making your way to Barashal, the trolls have a great deal of knockback. Because you'll be traveling on platforms high above this
instant death water, there's a possibility that you'll be knocked into the killer water below, too far away to be rezzed. So, you know, don't
let that happen. Put your back to a wall, or make sure you're on a long, straight part of the path and will just be knocked back onto stable

- Hornblowers, which summon elite Uruks and are stealthed to boot, are scattered throughout the instance. They aren't a huge problem, it's just
something to keep in the back of your mind so that when you're running around in an empty area and suddenly get into combat, you'll know what
the cause is.

NOTE: If this is not your first time (and have both keys) and you just want to head straight for the castle, you can proceed directly north
across a bridge and all the way to point 12 on the map, thereby saving a huge amount of time. You can also use the Iron Grate shortcut to kill
any bosses after Barashal but before the Cargul fight, which the first big shortcut skips entirely.

2) Now that you're ready to begin, you should move over to your left following the first Red Line
following the steep hill downwards, killing the crowds of those annoying pale-folk and Uruk/Angmarim elites along the way. At the bottom
of the hill you'll walk into a wide, open area with sheets of grey metal forming a spider-like web of pathways over the water, with raised
huts containing slaves inside of the sprinkled throughout. If you need the slaves for "Lifting the Yoke," make sure you clear the adds around
each hut before you open the doors. When you do open the door to each hut, a handful of elite mobs and pale folk will spawn, attacking your

If you walk straight north from the bottom of the hill, you'll run into the Iron Grate (yes, that's not a typo: everyone assumes these are
called Gates, but the keys you actually pick up refer to them as Grates, so go figure) marked by G1 on the map, which is guarded by a few mobs.
Since you don't have the appropriate key for here, it's time for you to move up the short hill to the east, along the raised platforms to the
eastern side of this area to point 3, where there IS a gateway anyone can use.

3) As you make your way down the ramp at the other end, you'll eventually come face to face with the boss named Urro. He's got a couple of adds
with him, but otherwise this is a very simple fight. Once he's dead, you'll be able to open the grate behind him and enter the Carn Dum Sewers.

Once inside, you'll be fighting groups of slugs before reaching a square metal platform raised above the muck. It's important that you approach
this platform only when you're fully ready, because there's a bunch of stealthed Hornblowers hanging out on the platform, and once you get
close enough they all begin their inductions to summon an elite uruk. It's important to kill them quickly, because there will actually be a
few groups of hornblowers that appear out of nowhere, one after the other (maybe 3 to 4 groups consisting of about five or so hornblowers
each), and each time they do they'll all be in the middle of summoning. This is where huge DPS and induction-interrupting or stunning skills
come in handy. If everything goes well, you'll kill all the hornblowers with a minimum number of elite uruks showing up, so once everything is
clear you're gonna want to go to point 4 on the map, a grate that doesn't require any keys.

4) Now that you're back out in the sweet air once more, you'll notice this area is covered in a network of raised platforms and bridges, and that
space along the path are groups of elite Trolls and Angmarim. Make your way along the path as indicated by the second Red Line.
And yes, at the eastern edge of that dirt ridge in the south you'll have to jump down to go north (you'll know it when you come to it).

Eventually you'll come across a Gorthorog troll that's tougher than normal (I believe it's an Elite Master), which will yell at the other
trolls to start tearing down the bridges. Once he's dead, keep going along the path indicated by the red route line, making sure to kill the
trolls using clubs to pound the bridges along the way. You'll run into a few more mini-boss fights with beefed up Gorthorog trolls similar to
the first one. Each one of these fights is a simple tank and spank, just be sure to avoid being knocked off the platforms and into the
instant-death water below. At the end of your journey, you'll come face to face with Barashal at point 5 on the map.

5)Barashal, aside from the nasty knockback of all the other trolls in this area (and putting out 5+ dread) is another simple fight. If you
want to be safe, your tank and melee attackers can maneuver Barashal further back onto his large platform in such a way that their backs are
to a nearby wall and not a drop into the death slime below. Once Barashal is dead, the Ornate Grate Key will drop, with each member of
the fellowship being able to pick one up for themselves. Neat, huh?

Once you're done, you can either back-track along the red route line to point 4, or take a shortcut to points 6 and 7. There is a platform
heading west (at about the halfway point on the red line) to that area that's at a higher level than the ledge before the two grates. Run along
it, drop down, and open the grate at point 7 to enter Helchgam's Lair.

7)You'll now find yourself in another dark, dank, sewer environment, where you'll be fighting groups of either elite slugs or elite morroval.
Take the northern path upwards to kill a bunch of morroval (if you don't, a pillar in Helchgam's Lair will not drop down to form a bridge,
which you need to get to the other side of a gap to finish the fight with the tentacle monster). Once you're done, head back down where you
came from and take the southern path out into the large cavern centered around point H. Note that if you took the shortcut at G1, you won't have
to bother going all the way up to the Morroval; you can just start the fight right away. That same pillar will fall later when it needs to.

H)Helchgam is a Kraken, much like the Watcher in the Water that attacked the fellowship just outside of Moria. His lair is a gigantic circular
cavern with a lake in the middle, with two half circle stone ledges running along the walls (one running along the western half, the other
on the eastern half of the cavern). There is a gap between the half-circle ledges at the north and south of the cavern: the southern
gap will be the one that is bridged by a fallen pillar. There are several pillars still standing that ring the lake, sitting on the two
half-circle ledges. Helchgam will not be in view, but several groups of tentacles at the edge of the lake will be, which you'll have to attack
to start the battle. It's like pulling the tail of a sleeping puppy to wake it up, except this puppy has a few dozen tails and is a horrifying
water monster.

Destroy the first group of tentacles, then the next, and then the next. When you get done with the last group, Helchgam itself will finally pop
up in the middle of the lake and a group of four tentacles will appear at a nearby pillar. The rest of the fight will now follow this pattern:

- Kill the four tentacles (two on each side of the pillar). Once you've done so, Helchgam will get pissed off and tear down the pillar you were
fighting around.

- This is why you shouldn't do things when you're angry, because often the thing you'll do will be very, very stupid. This holds true for
Helchgam as well. When it tears down the pillar, the pillar will fall into the water forming a convenient bridge towards Helchgam. Once the
pillar has fallen, your melee fighters should run up to Helchgam andstart pounding on him. Healers, support players, and ranged/tactical DPS
may need to run halfway down the pillar as well, depending on the range of their abilities (hunters, with their extreme range, will only have
to walk to the water's edge).

- While Helchgam may be stupid, it isn't so stupid that it doesn't realize you're only able to really hurt it because of that pillar.
Within a surprisingly short amount of time, the green instant-death water around the pillar will start to churn and froth. This is a sign
that Helchgam will soon pull the pillar fully underwater, along with any members of your fellowship that happen to still be on it. If you're on
the pillar, this is your cue to turn around and run back to the safety of solid ground (while you don't have to be perfect to get off in time,
you don't have a whole lot of margin for error either, so as soon as someone types/yells "GET TO DA SHORE" or you see the bubbling for
yourself, you should get off as soon as you can).

- Once back on the ledge at the shore of the lake, another group of four tentacles will show up at another pillar, starting the process all over

It should only take about three or four pillars to kill Helchgam, which means at some point you'll need to cross that southern pillar-bridge to
get to the other side of the lake to kill groups of tentacles over there. If you bring Helchgam to a tiny sliver of health on one of the
last pillars, but are forced to run away before it dies, it's possible the auto-attack of a hunter in your fellowship as you run around to the
next pillar could kill it (what with their extreme range and all). And if you kill Helchgam with no pillar going out to it, you can't get close
enough to loot the body. So make sure any hunters you group with are aware of this fact: when the pillar is about to go underwater, stop
targeting Helchgam until the next pillar has been torn down.

Cool Once Helchgam is dead, it's time to head west from the cavern and to point 8 (killing a few groups of elite slugs as you go), which marks the
base of Salvakh's tower. This tower has several floors, with the central staircase winding ever upwards along the circular inner walls.
At each floor there'll be a group of elite mobs to deal with. You'll know you're on the floor that Salvakh is on when you notice a long
hallway going east from the central landing of the stairs, with several rooms on each side of the hallway (and a few mobs in each room). At the
end of the hallway are two rooms directly across from one another, along with a locked doorway to the outside just beyond them. The left room
has a generic group of mobs in it, while the room to the right has Salvakh and a few adds.

Clear the left room first, then approach Salvakh to begin the fight. Again, there's nothing special about this fight (although Salvakh can
summon Ally spiders, a conjuration which is interruptible), just kill the adds first and then Salvakh himself. Once he's dead, the door to the
outside world will be unlocked, and you can exit the underground world of Carn Dum for good.

You now have the option of going in three directions: South to fulfill the objective for "The Strongest Back" (the pre-requisite is the slave
quest at the very beginning at point 2, but then you already knew that because I said that at the beginning, right?), North to kill Azgoth and
get the Iron Grate Key for future use of the G1 shortcut, or straight east to get to the castle at the end. Depending on what you want to do,
just skip to that number in the guide and ignore the rest... or follow every step, it's up to you and the other members of your fellowship.

9) It's now time to follow the Purple Line
south from here to rescue Erscin for "The Strongest Back." There's
nothing special as you make your way south, just varying groups of elite
Angmarim and such, just make sure to kill them all, including the two
Trolls guarding Erscin. Once you accept the quest from Erscin, however,
is when the fun really begins. Many, many sleeping Gorthorog will now
spawn between where you are and the other end of the Purple Line
back at Salvakh's Tower. In order to get past all of these guys your
fellowship will have to do its very best impression of Solid Snake,
following Erscin's exact path at a slow walk (just hit the toggle button
for run/walk and you'll be at the right speed). There will be times
when Erscin will walk right between two sleeping Gorthorog and you're
sure you'll wake them up they're so close together, but trust me, you
won't. Just pay attention to the path that Erscin is taking, and follow
it closely, especially when that path comes ever closer to the sleeping
guards. There will sometimes be plenty of room to differ from Erscin as
the guards are less dense in some areas, creating wide open spaces
in-between them, but it's a good idea to follow his path the whole time

A) Running ahead of him is pointless, because you're just gonna have to wait for him at the end anyway, and

B) You never know when a sleeping guard may be hidden from view just
around the corner. Suddenly that wide open space you thought you were
running through is not so open, and now you've waken the trolls and have
to fight them.

After sneaking past all of these sleeping Gorthorog and arrive back
north at Salvakh's Tower, Erscin will thank you all for your help and
make his merry way back home to Tarmunn Sursa, freeing you to take one
of the other two directions from the tower for further questing.

You might be asking yourself, "What exactly happens if my fellowship
wakes up the sleeping Gorthorog by accident or we have a Leeroy Jenkins
in our midst?" That's a good question and a question I do not know the
answer to. There's one of three possibilities, really. First, you could
fail the quest instantly. Secondly, you may just have to fight those
Gorthorog in the immediate area. Or third, waking up one guard may wake
them ALL up. I've never heard of what happens when you wake them up, and
it could be something as simple as option 2, but really, would you put
it past Turbine to not do option 1 or 3 just to force you to complete a
stealth quest? Just play it safe and follow Erscin; as slow as he is
it'll be faster than fighting your way through even if you only have to
fight a few guards at a time.

It's now time to go north and kill the morroval Azgoth (no, she isn't
the queen for Queen of the Host, that would be Mormoz up at the castle),
for which you'll need to follow the Green Line
twisting its way north. As you go north and then east, you'll start by
fighting groups of Angmarim, but these are quickly replaced by groups of
Morroval. Also, right around the point where you make a sharp turn to
the west, these Morroval will no longer be on the ground by hanging from
the ceiling, waiting to drop down you as you pass. Just make sure your
tank and melee DPS don't blindly run past these Morroval as they drop
down on your healer and squishy support classes, as that would be bad,
mkay? You don't have to advance at a crawl, just look up and you'll see
where the Morroval will be dropping down from, so slow down when you get
near them.

At the end of pathway you'll arrive at a big open area, with several
Morroval hanging from a few spots where the rocks project out above your
head. You'll also notice that Azgoth is at a dread-inducing altar far
at the back, and there are a TON of Morroval hanging up on the ceiling
around her. The first thing you should do is clear the groups of three
hanging Morroval closer to your end of the arena (there should be four
of five of these groups of three, which you'll recognize as being
somewhat removed from the large group hanging over and around Azgoth).
Once these Morroval are dead, you'll be able to go near Azgoth and start
the fight with her.

Once this fight starts, it's fairly simple. You have your tank pull
Azgoth and then your DPS burns her down for a little while. Once she
gets annoyed enough, she'll call one of her adds from the place around
the altar to come and help her. Keep the tank on Azgoth and switch all
DPS to the add, then return to Azgoth when it's dead. This cycle will
probably repeat itself a few more times, the exact number depending on
just how good your DPS is. Also, please note that while it's tempting to
pull Azgoth as far away from the altar as possible (both to avoid the
dread and to make the adds have a longer walk), there is a certain
invisible line that if you cross, will reset the fight. So just setup
where you can, pull her over, and then make sure the squishies in the
back of your fellowship don't get all panicky and back up a few steps
because of this or that. Yellow conjunctions are not effective as she
removes debuffs on herself from time to time, so keep that in mind as

Once the fight is down and you loot the key, roll on the class item, and
plunder the vendor trash, it's time to head back along the Green Line to Salvakh's Tower and to the final remaining fork: the eastern path.

11) A short distance to the east from Salvakh's Tower along the Blue Line
is a large square-ish courtyard, with several groups of elite mobs
scattered around the edges of the courtyard at the walls, with a few
patrolling Gorthorog making the rounds. In the general center of the
courtyard at point 11 on the map there will be a Cargul (think of them
as a Ringwraith Junior in a red robe, you may have seen and even fought
with them elsewhere, the difference being that this one is an Elite
Master), who is in turn surrounded by about eight female Angmarim
priests, each one of which is praying to the Cargul.

I would recommend that you kill the patrolling Gorthorog along with the
closest group of stationary elite mobs, or even the closest two,
whatever makes you comfortable. Once you've cleared a wide area around
you, your tank's job is to now pull each of one of those Angmarim
priests one by one (attacking one will only pull that priest, the others
will be too busying worshiping Ringwraith Junior over there to notice).
When the priest is attacked, it will immediately summon two pale folk
adds, making a party of 1 elite and 2 normals attacking you, which is
the easiest pull you'll ever face inside the instance. Repeat this seven
more times with the other priests who are praying. Just make sure to
kill the pale folk adds first on the last priest, because as soon as
that priest dies the Cargul will run towards you and join the fight.
This is a simple tank and spank, so show him the folly of attacking your
mighty fellowship.

Once the Cargul is dead, a small door will open to the east, which will
allow you to exit the courtyard. It's up to you whether or not you kill
all the groups of stationary mobs in the courtyard, as nothing bad will
happen if you leave them alive. They won't all come running at you en
masse later in the instance or anything like that. The same principle
holds true for the rest of mobs along the Blue Line,
though you should be vary wary just on the other side of the door of
the courtyard. The groups of mobs here are very close together, and
there's even a second Cargul patrolling the area, so I would recommend
clearing everything like normal until you run into the Cargul, because
the addition of an Elite Master to any normal fight can make it much
more difficult. You don't want to run into the Cargul and then
accidentally aggro one of the groups of elites near him, or worse yet,
aggro two groups of elites in the same general area. Just keep your eyes
open and advance carefully and you'll clear everything here easily.

Further along the Blue Line you'll
find yourself in a wide-open avenue heading straight north to the
castle. There will be some groups of mobs to either side, along with
single stealth hornblowers waiting here and there, but you can ignore
them if you want and head north until you run into two Gorthorog
patrolling the avenue, heading straight south towards you. Kill them and
head further north until you get to point 12 on the map, which is
another Iron Grate. In front of it are three Gorthorog, so kill them
however you please. Open the Grate, then head north.

You'll soon see a single Gorthorog Guardian standing still ahead of
you. When you get close enough to trigger him, a wave of four Angmarim
elites will charge at you from behind. Once the last Angmarim in this
wave is defeated, another wave will show up immediately afterwards.
After three or four waves attacking you in this fashion, the Gorthorog
Guardian back up north will activate when the very last Angmarim falls.
There's nothing special about this fight other than how long it is; like
that one fight in Urugarth, the sheer number of mobs you have to kill
followed by the immediate arrival of a boss is a huge test of your
fellowship's stamina. If you didn't already have it set, I would use a
fellowship maneuver that restores both Morale and Power rather than
going for a maneuver that deals damage to the enemy, so that you'll be
in relatively good shape by the time the boss shows up. Anyway, once
that boss finally dies, you need to use the Iron Grate Key once more to
enter the castle, which leads to the last group of boss fights.

13 A)
Once you enter, you'll find yourself in a room with a raised platform
in the center, along with four rooms tucked into the corners with groups
of elites, though one room just has a bunch of hornblowers in it. Kill
these groups of mobs one by one however you please, just make sure to
stay clear of the central platform. Once the last side room is cleared,
Tarlug will walk through a door ahead of you, coming to the central
platform. He will give a short speech and then the fight will start.

This fight is one of the easiest fights there is in Carn Dum in terms of
strategy: he has no special scripted events to look out for or summoned
adds. Just get the tank on him and pound away with your DPS. Once
Tarlug is defeated, go through the door and up the spiral staircase at
the end.

13 B)
In the next room you'll find Mormoz standing all by her lonesome... no,
wait, there's a bunch of Merrevail hanging from the ceiling in the
center of the room. And you were so looking forward to another simple
fight, weren't you? Unfortunately for you, the difficulty here ramps
right back up to Pain-In-The-Ass levels.

When you enter the room and start the fight, Mormoz will run at you.
Mormoz herself is a simple tank and spank, fortunately. The problem is
that throughout the fight, those Merrevail adds will drop down one by
one, run to a side door, open it, and lead a group of more elite
Merrevail to join the fight. As you can imagine, it's possible to get
overwhelmed in very short order. The solution here is to have the DPS
kill each ceiling Morroval add as it drops down, and before it reaches
one of several doors, because, you guessed it, you can't stun or mez
these adds. You'll just have to hope your DPS is powerful enough to take
down the adds before they get to the door, and that your group is
organized enough that you'll spot when the Merrevail drop from the
ceiling as soon as possible. You don't want to be so focused on the boss
that you forget to keep a close eye on the adds.

Once you beat Mormoz, you will have killed every boss that drops a class
item, so if that's all you came to Carn Dum to do, you can leave now
and skip the last few fights. However, if you want to kill the other
bosses because you're already here, or if you want to complete the last
level of the "Champions of Carn Dum" deed, then stick around.

13 C)
Once again a door will open in the back of the room, leading to another
spiral staircase. It is here that you'll encounter a two-boss special:
Rodakhan and Mura. When you enter the room you'll notice Rodakhan
sleeping like a perfectly content evil baby. Before you start the fight,
however, you'll notice that just like in the first room with Tarlug,
there are four side-rooms in the corners, and inside each room is a
group of elite Hillmen. If you get to close to the central platform
where Rodakhan is, he'll wake up and every single elite Hillman in the
room will swarm all over your party. There's about 20 of them in the
room in total, so that is something you'll want to avoid. To do this,
you'll have to inch around the edges of the room, enter each side room
one by one, clearing out the groups of Hillmen. Once they're all dead
Rodakhan will continue to sleep so long as you keep your distance from
the center of the room, so you'll have the opportunity to heal up before
you start the boss fight.

Once you approach Rodakhan he'll wake up and start attacking you. This
is a simple tank and spank, so wail on the little bastard to your
heart's content. Once you defeat him Mura will walk out through a door
into the main room and heal him back to full health, restarting the
fight. Nuts. This second phase will still be pretty simple, with only a
slight change. Since Mura is clearly a healer, you're gonna need to kill
her first, as if you stay on Rodakhan she'll keep him alive for a very
long time. Once she is dead, simply turn to Rodakhan and kill him a
second time, ending this fight for good.

13 D)
Hey, guess what? You now go through the newly opened door in the back,
run down a short hallway, and then run up a spiral staircase to the next
room. Man, the layout of this castle sure is difficult to follow.
Anyway, in this room you'll find a cargul/ringwraith/whatever called
Gurthul. This guy is a fan of stale Shounen anime, so he'll immediately
split himself into 7 copies and then disappear.

This fight is a fairly simple one. What will happen is that each of the
six fake Gurthuls will run in from a side room and attack your party one
at a time: when the first one is defeated, the second will come out
shortly thereafter, and he is defeated... well, you get the idea. Each
clone can be defeated in a simple tank and spank fight, the only gimmick
being that each clone has the ability to stun a different class. You'll
know which of your party members is about to be stunned because he'll
whine something about a particular class, calling it by name (something
along the lines of "Liek oh em gee, your mini healing you is sooo cheap,
im gunna stun him now!"), and then any of your party members that are
that class will be stunned. So if you walked into CD with 5 hunters and a
mini, when the clone that hates hunters walks in, you'll have nothing
to do for several seconds each time that clone pulls out his stun move.
Once the 6th fake Gurthul is dead, the real Gurthul will walk in. The
real Gurthul apparently hates no class in particular, as he will not
stun anyone during the fight. Or maybe he hates them all with an intense
fury, and simply can't decide which class to stun as you stab, burn,
and zap him, over and over again.

Unfortunately for you and all the others in my devoted fanbase, I have
never actually gotten to fight Mordirith for myself. Yes yes, I know,
it's difficult to read any strategy guide without the walkthrough having
been written with the benefit of my razor sharp wit, cunning
witticisms, and numerous obscenities. You'll just have to settle for
this excerpt of another player's guide:

Gurthul is dead head outside the room to a long hallway with 7 doors in
it. All the doors will be locked so head south to the last door on the
east side. The door in the far south with just lead out to a balcony

When you open the first door in the SE of the hallway you will be
attacked. You can then open each door the order below until you've
killed all the mobs and can go onto the last boss.

Door 1 (South East): 3 Hillmen

Door 2 (South West): 3 Hillmen

Door 3 (Middle East): Several Normal Bats

Door 4 (Middle West): 3 Elite Morroval

Door 5 (North West): Cargul and 2 Gorthog Slayers

Door 6 (North): Mordith (final boss)

Mordith (Arch Nemesis) 140K Morale

If you've completed book 8.5 you will recognize the room your going to
be fighting in. This battle will happen in two parts. Once you kill him
once he will reheal himself and attack again.


WARNING: If anything creatures cross the line created by the far south
pillars in the room the entire battle will reset. Also, the lava is
iinstant death and Mordith has a nasty knock back.

Fight Mordith in the south part of the room between the first and second
pillars. This will help prevent anyone from being knocked back into the
lava. As you hurt him he will congratulate you on the fight and
disappear while the adds he calls try to kill you.

At the beginning of the battle and at each wave you will be attacked by
ghost versions of Mordith that have 52 morale (that's right, only 52
morale). Just quickly AOE them and start killing the boss.

WAVE 1: ~113K Morale (ghostly hands - normal)

WAVE 2: ~87K Morale (4 Wood Trolls)

---- Hunters, right before he disappears drop some triple traps at the
pathway heading north. IMPORTANT: Everyone stand in the center behind
the traps so that all the trolls are caught in the traps. After that
it's an easy fight of quickly killing each troll one at a time

WAVE 3: ~57K Morale (2 Stone Giants)

---- Mez, trap, fear or whatever you can one troll and kill the other. Be careful of knock back as you kill them both.


When Mordith disappears and reappears on his throne move across the path
to the north part of the room. (The reason for this is that some of the
ghost adds will spawn past the south pillar line during the battle
resetting the entire battle if your not far enough north).

Minstrels, cast Song of the Hopeful Heart as Mordith will strip the hope
from people during the fight causing them to have 9 dread and cower
without the song up.

At the very beginning you will be attacked by a huge wave of the 52
morale copies. Quickly kill them then engage Mordith. With song of the
hopeful heart up it should be an easy battle to the death.

One of these days I might just run Carn Dum in full, or at least use the
quick shortcut to go straight to the castle and kill Mordirith. Before
that day arrives, I'll just have to settle for shamefully stealing from
another CD guide

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