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Post  Undulf on Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:47 pm

Now that we are getting alot of 75s and beginning to do group runs we start seeing how this stat is very important for end-game and will be even more in T2.
The most of damage end-game bosses do is usually tactical, and generally most of the AOEs that may hit not only the tank but the whole raid group are tactical.

So is very important that everyone in the raid have good tactical mitigation.

For Guard:
1 Vitality = 4 tact Mit
162 Tact Mit = 1% dmg reduction

Tact Mitigation converts in direct % damage reduction, the conversion however is different for armour types.
Heavy armour will get higher % damage reduction from the same Tact Mit than Medium Armour and Light Armour.
For ex. let's say if a Champ has 6000 Tact Mit il will convert in 45% damage reduction, while a Hunter with 6000 Tact Mit will get only 42% damage reduction and a Minstrel with 6000 will get only 38% (numbers are not exact is just an example)

Alot of your Tact Mit will come from VIT, (1VIT = 4 Tact Mit, 3 Morale (5 for tanks) and 2 Res)
For this reason generally is better items with +VIT than +Morale (for example imo is better have crafted relic w 20 VIT instead of +100 Morale even if the morale bonus is lower)

Virtues that give Tact Mit are:

Fidelity: +486 Tact Mit, 18 VIT, 37 Power
Tollerance: +486 Tact Mit, 18 AGI, 45 ICMR
Honour: +292 Tact Mit, 2070 Res, 9 VIT
Mercy: +292 Tact Mit, 480 OOCPR, 9 AGI
Innocence: +162 Tact Mit, 648 Phys Mit, 1034 Res
Compassion: +162 Tact Mit, 648 Phys Mit, 360 OOCPR

Some other Virtue affect Tact Mit indirectly while giving Armour and/or VIT (Emphaty and Loyalty).

Others source of Tact Mit can be:

600 from LI scrolls from daily quest in Galtrev (better this than Phys Mit imo)

PVP armour and rings sets have very good bonuses to Tact Mit.
Wearing 2 armour pieces will give you +527 Tact Mit (and 527 phys mit also), while having the 2 rings will give you another bonus of 494 (IIRC) tact mit (and 494 phys mit).
Rings are Rank 4 & 6, while armour pieces go from rank 4 to rank 9, depending on your class you may find one piece good rather than another
The shoulders piece R6 is generally a good equip that also have some more tact mit on it.

Other items worth mentioning:

[Gregolin] FOUNDRY T2 (+1513 Tact Mit)
[Sarchol] PITS T2 (+1513 tact/phys Mit)
[Iulin] DARGNAKH T2 (+1513 Tact Mit)
[Wrought-iron Heart] PITS T1 (+681 Tact Mit)
[Gold-inlaid Flask] TOWER T1 (+689 Tact Mit)
[Golden Spear-head] SKIRM CLASSIC BARTER (+1062 Tact/Phys Mit)

Remember that everything in the game is situational, it depends of what the rest of you gear is, what raid/boss you are doing, what relic/LI/food you have ecc...
There is no "must have" virtue or item, you will have to consider all components and decide yourself what is best for your setup, but my advice is for endgame raids and PVP to aim at 5-6k or more tact mit unbuffed.
Try to think that loosing a little attack power in favour of more survavibility is a good trade, you do 0 damage when you are dead Very Happy

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