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tems needed: Fear pots

Rewards: 7 medallions of Moria for the Daily and 4 for Easy mode, some good jewellery, IXP runes, settings.

Instance: Basically, the instance starts off with two orcs talking and
then one leaves. The bridge guarding you from the guy that stays, AKA
the first boss opens. This is a very easy fight. When he says, "Feed me
your fear" either a captain will cure fear or you will have to use a
fear pot to get the fear off you. Getting this fear off of you is
essential. After you defeat this boss, you have ten minutes to get to
the next one. You will fight through a few wargs and stalkers. once you
get all the way down the stairs, you need to have either a cappy, mini,
or burg do the death run. Once they do the death run then a bridge up
higher opens up and that stops the timer. you then kill the adds to get
to the second boss, another very easy boss. This boss is easier than the
first. No tricks except stand with back to grate to prevent knockback.
After the boss is down, be sure to individually loot the chests to
acquire two medallions of moria. Then run all the way back to the
entrance and another bridge will be down, leading to the final boss.
fight through a few adds til you get to a stairwell. If there is a
hunter in your group, have him run up, agro the 5 adds at the top of the
stairs, then Desperate Flight. This will exploit the adds and they will
pull one at a time now. After you kill all five adds, agro the boss,
and his little devoted guy will run up and start hitting you. kill the
devoted. if you lose the daily, run outside and back in and it will
reset. meet up again at the boss room. This is the last boss and also
fairly easy. He have a pretty bad AoE that will happen when he says "Let
the Darkness crush you". Also watch out for fire on the ground, it will
kill you. After you kill him, loot the big chest individually to get
your medallions of moria.


Below is the map you use for the run.

GS Full How to Guide Gsmaphardmode


This is the same map but with different route lines to mark where you
need to go for doing all the quests that you wouldn't normally finish in
a daily/hard mode run.

GS Full How to Guide Gsmapquestmode

Brief Walkthrough:

2) After
defeating Ilzkal the Pummeler you make a left turn and walk into the
area with all the fire orcs running around. Defeat the groups one by
one, moving your way up the ramp headed north of you (this is the large
pathway cut in two on the map). At the top of this ramp will stand
Gothghaash the fire-caller in a semi-enclosed stone cavern. Step a few
feet inside to start the fight.

---> Gothghaash the Fire-Caller:
This is a straightforward tank and spank boss fight, but there are two
important things to watch out for. For one, being "the Fire-Caller" and
fighting on a metal grate just above molten lava, this boss is able to
put a raging fire under the feet of whoever is holding his aggro (yup,
this is identical to the ability Igash uses, which he borrows from
Gothghaash). Remember, FIRE BAD, FIRE VERY BAD. If you're the tank or a
melee DPS who happens to be too close to the tank, get your ass out of
the fire ASAP as it inflicts a ton of damage. The other major trick to
watch out for in this fight is that Gothghaash will actually summon a
fumarole (think of them as tiny volcanoes) periodically throughout the
fight. The fumarole does not damage you, but it does heal Gothghaash, so
keep an eye out for them and turn all your DPS on it as soon as one
pops up. Depending on the length of the fire, the boss will summon
anywhere between 3-6 fumaroles. Aside from those two things to watch out
for, this will be a very easy fight.

3) Now its
time for the trolls. Walk back down the ramp and nearly all the way back
to where you fought Ilzkal, the first boss. Right before you reach that
platform, you'll see a long staircase heading downwards to your left,
with some trolls patrolling up and down it. Go down this staircase and
the one heading westward after it, taking care to avoid being knocked
into the abyss by the trolls (huge knock-back + narrow staircase = bad
times for you). The best way to avoid having party members knocked off
the stairs is to have the tank hold the troll facing parallel to the
course of the stairs, while everyone aligns themselves with the stairs
as well (facing straight up or down). Because trolls knock you straight
backwards, this will make it so that any time the troll does use its
knockback, its only knocking you straight up or down the stairs, and not
off to the side. Also, unless you're a melee character, it's best you
play it safe and stay as far away from the trolls as you can, so that
you don't get hit with the knockback in the first place. Anyway, at the
bottom of the stairs you'll see a kinda-circular wooden palisade in the
distance (where the boss is), with a few more mob pulls on wide, flat,
open ground to deal with first. Kill them all and then move on to the

---> Dorozg and the Beast:
Inside the wooden palisade is a sleeping troll (the Beast), an orc
standing in front of it (Dorozg), and two drums off to either side with a
goblin drumming it. When you walk inside, the drummers will run away.
At this time, it is very important that you have someone in your party
who can play the drums, as they will have to pick a drum and play it for
the first half of the fight. Keeping the beat going without
interruption will keep the big, dangerous troll asleep, while the rest
of your party burns down Dorozg as quickly as they can. His DPS is
actually pretty pathetic for a boss, so if your fellowship is
over-leveled and has decent DPS, he will go do without hurting anyone
too much (I mention this because it's usually the mini in the group who
plays the drums, so you'll be missing out on healing). Once Dorozg is
dead, all the drumming in the world won't keep The Beast asleep, so
whoever was playing the drums can now join the fight against the troll
who hits significantly harder than his orc master. Just out-slug this
monstrous troll and you'll win the fight eventually.

4) The next
fight on the menu is the goblin Glothrok the Vile and his pet warg
Forzunk. Make your way back to the beginning, taking the eastern path to
the area with the four warg-riders where the person doing the death run
would usually start running from. In this area there are two wooden
gates you can open. First you need to open the gates to your left (to
the south on the map) and kill a large number of normal warg mobs plus
some elite trainers. Once they're dead, you can go ahead and open the
other wooden gate to the west, where you can see Glothrok riding his
warg, with a ton of sleeping normal wargs in the back. You start the
fight by passing through the doorway after opening the gate (and
remember to get everyone inside the gate).

---> Glothrok and Forzunk:
This is probably the hardest boss fight in this instance aside from
fighting Igash without killing the Devoted or bugging it out. Here is
how it will go: in the beginning of the fight you will attack Glothrok
while he is still riding Forzunk. Once you get his morale down to a
certain level, he will dismount Forzunk and regain all health, creating
two targets: a tougher than normal elite warg in the form of Forzunk,
and Glothrok as the main boss. This is where the fight gets much more
difficult. Your tank needs to pull Glothrok to the far right and try to
keep him as far away from the rest of the party as possible, preferably
facing away from them. The reason is that Glothrok can put a poison on
the entire fellowship at once, and this poison has an enormous DOT. If
you don't remove it with a poison pot or have a hunter cure you, you're
gonna lose a lot of health in a relatively short time, and that's going
to put a huge strain on the healer. While keeping some distance between
the rest of the fellowship and Glothrok, and keeping him facing away
from them are not 100% effective, it does seem to reduce the number of
times people get hit with his poison attack, so have your tank do their
best to keep Glothrok in the right place.

While the tank is on Glothrok, your DPS will need to kill the warg
Forzunk as quickly as possible. Once the warg is dead, your DPS can
switch over to Glothrok himself. However, there's still a ton of
sleeping wargs nearby. At certain points during the fight, Glothrok will
wake about four of these wargs up at the same time, sending them to
attack whoever they please. While these wargs are just normal adds, they
still hit hard for their level, and if all four wargs charge at the
Mini or some other squishy fellowship member at the same time, that
person can die pretty quickly without help. Because of this, it's
important for the DPS to keep an eye on the sleeping wargs while they're
attacking Glothrok, so that they can switch to the wargs ASAP when the
wargs wake up and attack. This is actually a great spot for an off-tank
or a Champion to step in: as soon as the wargs wake up, ignore Glothrok
and run back to the wargs, either using an AOE threat move or just an
AOE damaging skill, ensuring that they focus not on the Mini but on a
character who is meant to take a beating. Remember, there are a bunch of
sleeping wargs here, so there will be three or four waves of them in
total. When the last wave of wargs are dead, the DPS will finally be
able to focus solely on Glothrok, who will probably be fairly low on
morale at this point. If you can survive all the wargs and the nasty
poison DOTs he puts on your party, you should be able to outlast
Glothrok and eventually kill him.

5-6) It isn't
necessary to do so, but you can now kill Igash if you wish. None of the
drawbridges besides the first one have fallen, so you'll have to take a
different route to him than the usual Daily run route. Once you heal up
after the fight with Glothrok, head north from here and up to Nardur's
Station, following the route that the death runner would usually take.
Once you reach the top you'll notice that Nardur is no where to be
found, but you will notice that the gate you usually back up against
during Nardur's fight to cancel out his knockback is now open, and on
the stairs rising up behind it there are some orcs fighting each other.
Once you clear the mobs on the stairs and reach the next major platform,
you'll see Nardur boasting about killing the Devoted. Unfortunately for
him, he realizes all too late that he got poisoned in the process, and
drops dead before he can really savor his victory. Once he dies, go
ahead and kill the orcs around him, and work your way up the next flight
of stairs. At the top you'll find yourself on the other side of the
drawbridge that was behind Ilzkal. Fight your way like normal through
the two groups of mobs here, and then fight the group of six elites at
the top of the stairs.

---> Igash the Fanatic:
When you start the fight with Igash, you won't even have to deal with
the Devoted because he was killed by Nardur. In addition, Igash normally
draws power from the other bosses in the instance that are loyal to
him: Gothghaash, Dorozg, and Glothrok. Now that they're dead, he can no
longer use their abilities, which most importantly of all means that
Igash can no longer call fire onto your tank and melee DPS. The only
nasty trick he still has is the shadow damage AOE stun move, and while
he can also still weaken your armor, he's just not nearly as dangerous
as he used to be. The flip side is, unfortunately, that you only get one
treasure chest here to loot. And while you do get a chest to loot for
each of the other bosses you kill besides Ilzkal, the loot in them just
doesn't compare to the items you'd have a chance at getting in the
chests by Igash.

So, while you'll still get a comparable number of Moria medallions for
rad armor and whatnot, the loot won't be as good and the instance will
take longer and will be more difficult overall. I would only recommend
doing the GS quest run to complete the quests (duh), or the deeds
associated with them (boss kills and slayer deeds) if you're working
towards completing the Moria Meta Deed.

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