The 75s Attack the Necromancer's Gate

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The 75s Attack the Necromancer's Gate

Post  Daeranoth on Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:18 pm

That's right! We now have enough level 75s to run 6 and 12 man instances and the other day we layed seige to the Necomancer's Gate in Dol Guldur. That was a 12-man instance and we ran it underpower with only 8 members.

Members involved:
Lenamay, Undulf, Daeranoth, Lilbitt (on an alt), Sorguien, Malkut, Ashiiru, and last but not least, Lothars.
It was Awesome. Very Happy

First the Necromancer's Gate, then Daigoch the Dragon.

Who is next to get a character to 75 to join the raids? All Kin members are welcome.


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