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Hildigarr Is Crafty too! Empty Hildigarr Is Crafty too!

Post  Hildigarr on Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:30 am

I love to craft! One of the my favorite aspects of the game. You can't level up with out gear to back you up! And we all love the extra special stuff we can make in guild from Legendary Items, to Crafted Relics and Oils, Salves, and Teals! We all love Teals! And I can help with that! Should you be lacking any material i usually have extra. I mass stock piled for a good while and am stuck with all me plunder (oh wait, that's pirates ain't it?).... Wink

For extra special crafting such as Legendary Items or Crafted relics i'm usually in need of a Compendium Vol.1, Vol.2, Legendary Fragments and Legendary Shards. I have most of the rest of the material needed (Hides, Ingots, Planks, Shards, I have those.). See me in game for more...

I've covered most crafting, and am maxed out in most of the guilds now but am still bringing a few other professions up from the lower tiers. Heres a little list of my toons, including the ones that are not in kin. (3 of my 7 toons are in Guardians Of Fangorn).

Arraddell -- SM/Westfold Tailor(Max Guild)/Prospector/Forester

Annalilia -- SM/Westfold Woodworker(Max Guild)/Forester/Supreme Farmer

Hildigarr -- SM/Westfold Weaponsmith(Max Guild)/Prospector

Nathadageddhaer -- Westfold Master Jeweller(Max Guild)/Prospector/Master Journeyman Cook

Nylya -- Westfold Scholar(Max Guild)

Sengaia -- Master Journeyman Metalsmith/Artisan Prospector

Violatent -- Apprentice Explorer

Also for other crafters in kin i can help you out if you need some material to help out other kin mates or for your own. I am usually more than willing to lend a hand with even the more valueable things. (What's the point of having a mass pile of mats if you don't plan to use them? Haha)

Thanks for reading guys, see you in game!



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