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Letter from our former Leader Empty Letter from our former Leader

Post  Daeranoth on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:42 am

Hello everone,

I wanted to post this in the forums as well sending out a Kin wide mail.

I have heard from Baroni, our former leader of the Guardians of Fangorn and his brother Eververia.

Baroni is, well, hanging in there. His blood pressure and diabetes is out of control. His brother Eve is doing the best that he can to take care of Baroni. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to send them our prayers that he can get the help that he need to get things under control.

Baroni says that many is the time that he has wanted to sign on to see how things are going, but he is not allowed to because of doctors orders.

He and Eve wish everyone well and hopefully he will find time to atleast pop into vent just to say hi.

Let's pray for them both.

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