Buffbars Plugin makes its to stay in the fight.

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Buffbars Plugin makes its to stay in the fight.

Post  Daeranoth on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:22 pm

Buffbars is nice little plugin that give you a better representation of what buffs and debuffs are on your character and how long they will last. With BB, you can even set events that will trigger a skill or pot to show up on your screen when you fall below a level set by you. Imagine your health pot automatically showing up on your screen. No more tying up a slot on your bars, mo more opening up your inventory looking for a the health or power pot. As a hunter, I can tell you that bow chants a fire/oils are critical to success and the last thing is to have them run out on the last boss fight. Set buff bars to pop the icon for your chants and oils on the screen just before they run out.

Below is a brief video of Buffbars in action. Notice the large slider in the lower center of the screen. If you don't like it, you can turn it off. Look toward the top of the screen just right of center and you will see the set of bars. These bars can also be configured to make them larger or small.

In the video below, do not click on the black x-fire box. Use the video controls at the bottom. Enjoy.

Buff bars is in the LOTRO interface compendium so it is a quick and easy download and self-install. Good luck and have fun.


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