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Forges of Khazad-Dum How to Guide Empty Forges of Khazad-Dum How to Guide

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Items Needed: None really as the items you do need drop in the instance, and are destroyed upon leaving.

Rewards: 10 Medallions with finishing the daily challenge, 7 without.
There are 5 chests within the instance, each containing a number of IXP
runes and sealed relic boxes. Other items that are dropped include an
Ancient Signet Pendant, a rare drop, some Diamond Flaked Earrings (Adds
some ranged crit rating, my hunter has 2 of them), and a wristband that
is pretty good for a guard, and a Gruesome Finger-Band. Some decent
non-rad armour pieces drop from some of the chests. Krankluk drops a
hammer which can be used as a housing decoration item.


Instance Walkthrough/Strategy: Forges
of Khazad-Dum is located in the flaming deeps near Halls of Crafting
and Fil-Gashan. As soon as you enter the instance you have a choice of
turning left or right. Each side has the name number of enemies, I
usually go left. There will be mobs in front of you. The easiest way to
defeat this group is to root them all, and pull them one by one until
all of them are defeated. The group should drop Water Pouches. Every
person should roll on these until they have acquired 7 or 8. The water
pouches can be traded between each other so do not worry about having
too many. After pulling the first group, continue forward and you should
see another group consisting of sappers, berserkers, and a guard. Same
tactic here, root the group and pull one by one. I recommend killing the
sappers first, because they will drop fire and cause you some problems,
they also have the lowest health. Once you have defeated this group,
continue forward till you come to a slightly raised piece of rock on the
left side of the path. On the left side of the platform, you will see a
closed gate, and across from you, you will see an identical gate,
however on the other side you will see a group of mobs consisting of
mostly sappers. Pull this group on the other side of the hallway near
the other gate before continuing. Once this group is defeated, pull the
group of mobs that is in between your group and the other gate. This
group has a guard that cannot be attacked at first, so just grab a
sapper and he will jump in the fight. Once this group is killed, you
will need 1 (or 2) members of your fellowship to grab powder kegs on the
right side of the hallway. The members who pick up the kegs will need
to carry them to the gates to close them off. If you take damage while
carrying the kegs you will have less time to get to the gate, so have
someone pull them off of you first before you pick up the keg. Once both
gates are closed and all mobs are killed, continue ahead with the
instance. Note: If going for the daily challenge, this will be the last
opportunity for your group to pause for a break.



First thing to know, there are tracks around the edges that will have
trolls walking around. Don't get run over by those trolls. The boss can
be tanked by either a guard, warden champ or other heavy armour type.
Once in the fight he will say: "You beg too much for my attention
." The named player has to get out of line of sight,
or else he will say, "I warned you, !" and hit the
named player with around 2k of damage. Healers should be watching for
this in order to help the target. After this is said the mob on top will
say: "Fire! Fire! Fire!" Fire will drop on the floor and avoid that or
you're toast. Soon after this adds will come in, let the tank play with
the boss and kill the adds off or let a LM or hunter root them and kill
the boss. I would suggest the first bit. Rince and repeat and you're
done in a bit. As soon as you kill the boss, the final boss will dare
you to come and challenge him. This is the start of the hard mode timer.
You have 30 minutes to complete the instance by then. Go down to the
next boss. On you're way down you will encounter some trolls, have a LM
anti-stun you or just run through, just watch your morale. On your way
down the tracks, there are spots notorious for causing you to lag. Do
not worry, just stop moving until your computer loads the area, and
continue on.



This boss is a bit harder then the previous one. When you come down to
his platform you can stay a bit at the front to rest and regen. You
start the encounter by walking beneath/under him. Once you get there you
see 6 ways leading to a gate off some sort. Next to the start of these
ways there is a keg. These kegs need to be brought to the gates and blow
them up and close them. Before they open there will be some smaller
adds, just kill them off. Be carefull of wandering trolls. After a bit
his two big troll friends will spawn. They can be crowd controlled by
roots, mezzing, fear, or stuns. You cannot take them down because the
boss will heal them. Once the boss jumps down, tank him and DPS him down
quickly. During this fight he will apply wounds of fire, after he says:
"Feel the bite of black powder." You can cure those with the water
pouches. Do this as fast as possible for they do massive amounts of
damage. Once the boss is down, kill the trolls.After this go down to the
next boss. In between you will encounter one group of mobs, kill those
off. Once again, root pull will work best in such a case.



This fight is pretty straight forward. Fight him on the platform on your
left where you will find him wandering. DPS him down. Just watch the
fire wounds he does, cure them with the water pouches. There will also
be fire from the forges, don't stand in it, if you do, get out as fast
as possible. You will die if you stand in the flames!



Krankluk is immune to light and fire damage. He is also immune to the
Lore-Master skill Power of Knowledge, but Lore-Masters can still get
power from the Troll's who are not immune. At the start there are 2
trolls and the boss himself. CC one and kill the other one. Once he is
dead, kill the other troll. Once the group is killing the trolls have
the tank, tank the boss. After he gets around 57-58k he goes green again
and gets some more trolls. Stun one, kill one, then second one. Tank is
still on the boss. Once he gets to 41k or so he will get another troll,
one this time. He will also start his name calling, much the same as
the first boss. When he calls your name, turn you're back to him and
don't attack anymore. You will also have an eye symbol over your head at
this time. Once the symbol is gone you can turn around again. At 20k he
will go green again and summon the last troll. At this time he will
mention something about the true might of the Forge, and the group must
begin running around the Forge in a clockwise direction, trying to stay
ahead of the flame jets. The troll can be crowd controlled, the boss
must be kited around the Forge while damaging him down. Once he is dead
loot the chests and enjoy the loot.

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