Creep Run (4-20-12)

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Creep Run (4-20-12) Empty Creep Run (4-20-12)

Post  Folstag on Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:24 am

Hey Guys,

There will be a Run this week on 4-20-12 at 9:00P.M. EST. I wish that every Creep that is in the kin would be there because I have been trying to get us out and kill some freeps. I will be running on LUGZHOR so just send me a tell when it is time to start and I will invite you. ALSO, I may be running in the moors Thursday the 19th, I am not positive so don't hold me to it Smile If I do run thursday, it will be around 6-8ish EST. Hope to see yall on Friday.


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