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Post  Daeranoth on Mon May 07, 2012 8:08 pm

Greetings to the Guardians of Fangorn.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am calling on each and everyone one of you to help recruit new players to our Kin. The more players we have the better it is to find someone to level with. It can be very easy to find new recruits. As you play, just occasionally send out a request for new members in the regional chat channel. When sent in regional, all players in that area will see the message. An example would be if your currently at Thorin's Hall which is in the northern part of Ered Luin. Sending out a regional message would cover all of Ered Luin.

A recommended practice would be to find someone that is not with a Kin that is questing in the same area as you. Send them a tell asking if they would like to group up to help each other complete some quests. Run with them for a while. If you think they would make a good addition to the Kin, ask them if they would like to join. If they do, have an officer invite them (make sure you have some officers save on your friends list for quick contact for the invite)

So what should the message be if your send out invites via regional? Try the following:

Greetings. We are the Guardians of Fangorn. A social rank 10 kin looking for new members. We quest, craft, run instances skraid and raid. We have many experiences players that are willing to teach. For information, please send tell for invite.

Lets build the Kin to the best and largest Kin on the Brandywine server.

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Post  Guest on Thu May 24, 2012 11:26 am

This is a good idea, but we are by no means a small Kin so I wouldn't say we should invite every single person. We'll get swamped and spread too thin. What has been most beneficial to Kins i've been in is broadcasting in high traffic areas (galtrev, bree, twenty first hall) and in GLFF. Questing with a Kin-less is also another great idea, just make sure there is an officer on and not AFK and able ot invite before you extend the invitation. While us regular folk should help, it can be hard for us if there isn't an officer around to send out the invite.


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