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Hey! Listen! (*cue Navi voice*) Empty Hey! Listen! (*cue Navi voice*)

Post  Guest on Thu May 24, 2012 11:36 am

GUARDIANS! Ya'll up for some NCF and Stoneheight? Quick runs, good ways to get heritage runes and sealed relics (those are account bound btw) for helping out your lowbies, and for getting north men medallions for some cool cosmetic and 65 gear! You can easily average 20 or so heritage runes or relic packages per run in t2! And you can slap hobbits!

The calenard/great river relics are well worth ...it, and by running numbers you should be able to (with a horseshoe) get full relics in just a couple of runs! Plus it helps you fine tune those legacies! If you don't have that horseshoe and are at the 65 range to run the instance, let me know and we'll haul you to enedwaith to get one!

I have a late shift tomorrow and an early ending one today so find Aldacer or Lananaalien in game and hit me up! I'm going to try and be online and available to help from 9pm EST onward most days, and sometimes earlier.

I'm also especially good for-
*Isengard three mans
*Limlight dailies
*tree killing for rep w/ Limlight
*Roots of Fangorn

We need to get ourselves evenly geared and lowbies leveled in prep for Rohan's impending release this fall! Meta-Deed steeds are rumored to be the way to go, as these will convert to the 'war steeds' used in mounted combat in the Rohan Xpac.

I'm also cool if we pull enough together to do what a friend suggested for the blue jewelry on T2 of Roots of Fangorn- run the first boss and call it good if we can't burn the big spider.

Any time you need a tank or high level dps(champion), holler, any time you need armor or crafting tools, just let me know. I have a Westfold farmer, a Supreme Level cook working on Guild rep, full rep with metalsmith's guild, working on rep for weaponsmith, leveling a scholar, and got a tailor/explorer. You feed me mats, I make you pretty things!

I know Roywyn is happy to help, and has a ton of crafting goodies. Any aspiring metalworkers, I have TONS of Supreme Level and up ores, and am going to be making weekly circuits of Eregion for Master Tier to build that range up, there's a route I can show you guys that can easily net you 2-3 stacks of Ancient Iron and a stack and change of Ancient Silver in under an hour. And if you are an explorer, that same route yields good wood nodes too.

I know there's an influx of 75's and we all want to hit the big runs, but we need to have our LI's sorted and leveled and fitted with correct relics, and our gear in order. Going into them without it just makes it no fun for anyone.

Email is linked to my phone, so feel free to message me or reply here! Lets keep this Kin MOVIN! (dont make me youtube the 'move it move it song! I will!). I know Arta and I dropped off a bit for a week or so, but she went back to work and I started 6 days a week so we had a bit of personal turbulence. But we're back, so lets do it, Lefort Jenkins style Wink


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Hey! Listen! (*cue Navi voice*) Empty Re: Hey! Listen! (*cue Navi voice*)

Post  kirarose on Mon May 28, 2012 11:47 pm

I'll look you up when we are both online. As for myself I'm getting a little burned out on soloing.

Level 75


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