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Daeranoth's boulder moment Empty Daeranoth's boulder moment

Post  Daeranoth on Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:05 pm

It some time for me to come up with a "Boulder Moment" that I had and I thought of this one.

A few months back, I was running with Folstag, Tumdiur, and Rangewin in and around the Grand Stairs area of the game. As we were exploring the area, Folstag had placed himself on follow of Rangewin. As Rangewin made a quick U-turn, Folstag's character was whipped off a ledge and his character became stuck. As those of you that have run through Moria, the ledges usually drop quite a way down and more often than not, your character dies. Not in this case. Folstag's became lodged between a pair of boulders. Yep, boulders. As I was explaining to the rest of the group that Folstag was stuck, I managed to run off the ledge myself and became stuck in the same spot as Folstag.

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Folstag's excuse was that he was on follow and AFK at the time. My excuse?

Anyway, as I remember more moments, I will post them here.

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