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Post  LenaMay on Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:38 pm

Thank you to all that were able to come to our KIN Winter Festival Event! Smile
We had 8 people participating, 3 of whom were officers. We met at the Bree West Gate at 8 pm EST on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012. I was setting off fireworks at the beginning.

Then we rode to the Bree Festival Grounds and started off with a tag game in the ruins at the tag beacon. That game works quite well. The person that is "it" has a flame above his head and has to run through another person, then he gets the flame.

Next we went to the horse race quest. There we ran our own horse races. The first race was a tie between Jakrod and Lebdas. The second and third races were won by Chicko.

Then we met back at Bree to take the horse to the Winter Home. There we had a Winter Home Hide and Seek Game. Peto was hiding for us. Timoption was the one who found Peto. Then we went to the snowball fight field. We found out it did not work while we were in raid. So we disbanded to do the snowball fight. I suggested we go to vent which helped to be able to still talk to each other. And we also did other quests at winter home like the snowman making quest, which sends you out looking for various items.

Well, I hope to see you at our next Kin special event. Any ideas for events are welcomed.



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