Guide to LI relic combining, refining, and melding

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Guide to LI relic combining, refining, and melding Empty Guide to LI relic combining, refining, and melding

Post  Mike_DDS on Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:13 pm

I thought I would post this for anyone that is interested.

I took a couple hours to figure out the best way to get the most out of your relics from deconing LIs, settings, and fused relics.

The breakdown:

T1 to T2 = 5 T1 relics
T2 to T3 = 4 T2 relics
T3 to T4 = 4 T3 relics
T4 to T5 = 3 T4 relics
T5 to T6 = 3 T5 relics
T6 to T7 = 3 T6 relics

You need to combine 2160 T1 relics to gain 1 T7 relic!!

T1 = 1 shard
T2 = 2 shards
T3 = 9 shards
T4 = 32 shards
T5 = 79 shards
T6 = 192 shards
T7 = 464 shards
1 day CD crafted relic (class specific eg.. minor sealed symbol of might) - 64 shards
3 day CD crafted relic (eg.. Sealed symbol of might) - 158 shards
7 day CD crafted relic (Sealed symbol of battle accuracy) - 464

My suggestion:
1. Refine T1 relics
2. Combine T2 relics for T3s
3. Refine T3 relics
4. Combine T4s, T5s, and T6s if your goal is place T7s relics on your LIs
5. Also, you can mass a good number of shards by refining minor and regular sealed crafted relics for the shards - if you need the shards more than gold

Other ideas:
I personally think that the "Remarkable relics (takes 3 T7 relics plus 1687 shards to meld)" are not that impressive. The "Extraordinary relics (3 T6 relics and 696 shards)" are the best cost vs return for special relics.

hope this helps

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